New moving line technology room thermometers now in stock!

13 June 2016

Moving Line Baby Room Thermometers now in stock.Our new range of single colour liquid crystal technology room thermometers are now in stock!

These safety thermometer cards use new liquid crystal technology to ensure that an infant's room is not dangerously too hot or uncomfortably too cold.  The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) recommends that a child sleep in room temperatures between 61F (16C) to 68F (20C) with 65F (18C) being just right.  Most adults find it difficult to judge room temperature and the FSID suggests the use of a simple room thermometer in rooms where your baby plays and sleeps. 

The new single colour red liquid crystal thermometer ensures that the actual colour change is much easier to read, as the temperature is read at the top of the red line. Just check to see that there are 2 red bars and that will be the room temperature around 18C to 20C. They are easy to use with full instructions on the rear of the room thermometer card and are a new alternative to the standard multi-colour strips. The manufacturer holds the ISO world standard certificate for their thermometers.

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